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Wednesday, January 05, 2005


I made this entry before we had the ablity to make stand alone pages. For the most current information please visit my FAQ Page.

FIRST AND FOREMOST: For personal & professional reasons, I will not allow or grant permissions to anyone to use my artwork for Tubes, Tags, Signature Images or Incredimail layouts.

If you are UNFAMILIAR with COPYRIGHT LAW, please read over the following links:

TITLE 17 > CHAPTER 1 > § 106A

Ask First





Why I Watermark:
Back in 2004(ish) my entire gallery was ripped off, tubed and redistributed to the tagging community. I used to just put my site/email in the bottom corner of my images, but that didn't deter the thieves from easily removing any trace of it and my signature. I found my images everywhere, even IMVU where people were making money off of my artwork without my permission.

So before you whine about watermarks, just remember even though YOU may not be an art thief, there are PLENTY out there that don't care about copyright and will use ANY work they steal for their own means.

Prints & Originals
I retain all rights to my work whether it's prints or sold originals. When purchased, the buyer has not purchased; the character, copyrights, reproduction rights, nor the right to display this piece in a gallery, in print, or on a web site (either by itself or as part of a collection) without the artists prior permission or proper compensation.

Web Sites:
I've had many requests from people wishing to use my artwork to decorate their web site or their discussion group (yahoo groups or msn groups). The answer is 'NO", If I find my artwork being displayed in this manner without my permission, I will contact your Server Admin or ISP to provide them with the necessary proof & DMCA Forms and have it removed immediately.

Tubing & Tagging:
I will not grant permission to anyone seeking to use my artwork for tubing, tagging, signature images, and stationary. I put a lot of time and effort into my works, and I feel disrespected when I find that someone has taken it upon themselves to deface or alter my vision and hard work. There are many other artists on the web that allow their artwork to be used for this I am not one of them.

My Work as your Tattoo:
I think it's a great honor for someone to like a piece of mine so much that they want it with them forever. If you'd like to use any of my existing pieces for a tattoo, all I ask is that you purchase an 11x17 print to take to your tattoo artist, just let me know if you need a permission certificate. However I will not provide electronic versions of my original sketches or original artwork.

Sunday, January 02, 2005


This information is outdated, please go to my Commissions Page for the most current rate info.

I am available for both Commercial Freelance Contracts and Private Commissions. Commercial inquiries should contact me directly, so that we can discuss your project and your freelance agreement. Private commissions are listed below, keep in mind these are basic prices, it's best to contact me FIRST so that we can discuss the details of what you are looking for and then I can give you a more accurate price.

General rates are as follows: rates do not include shipping.
note: These are all 'starting' rates.

I'll need a farily high res screenshot or jpg of the character or individual you want your PSC/ACEO of.

• B/W on either Gray or Brown card : $30.00
• Painted (Watercolor) : $40.00

Turn around time is generally 2-3 days (depending on my current work load)

All Cards are shipped in a UltraPro Semi-Ridgid UV Sleeve.

OSWOA - Original Small Works of Art (4x6)
Same as the requirements for the ACEO/PSC: I'll need a farily high res screenshot or jpg of the character or individual you want your OSWOA of.

• Black & White : $50.00
• Painted (Watercolor) : $60.00

Turn around time is generally 3-5 days (depending on my current work load)

Shipped in a 5x7 Crystal Clear Sleeve & Archival Backing Board.

Shipping: US: 5.00 US Priority Mail (Insurance & Tracking Included)
International: 3.00 US First Class International (no tracking or insurance)

Original Tattoo Designs (9x12 inches)
I need as much detail as you can possibly give me, with references if possible. I will sketch up a few roughs, then you'll need to tell me what you like, don't like or what you want changed.

• Starting Price : $50.00

Turn around time is generally 3-5 days (depending on my current work load)

You will receive an outline and a finished colored version.

Shipping: US: 5.00 US Priority Mail (Insurance & Tracking Included)
International: 3.00 US First Class International (no tracking or insurance)

RPG, Everquest, WoW, Story Characters, Etc.

(Prices are for a maximum of 2 character, for each additional please add $15.00)

RPG & Story/Fan Fiction Characters: I'll need detailed descriptions of each, and references; magazine or pictures from the internet are fine, the more detail the better.

Everquest, WoW, and other MMO characters: I must have the following:

( the better the screenshot the more detail I can see. )

• close up of face (front & side views)

• full body (front view & side view w/ outfit already on or ideas of what you want your outfit to look like)

• W/ additional info such as pose, facial expression you'd like, accessories, pets, mounts etc.

Also keep in mind, if you would like, I can tailor the character to resemble you, for that I'll need the same facial references as stated above.

Turn around time is generally 7-10 days (depending on my current work load).

• Black & White - (Graphite)- starts at $95.00
• Color (Watercolor) - starts at $125.00

• Black & White (Graphite)- starts at $150.00
• Color (Watercolor) (12x16) - starts at $200.00

Because Portraits are much more detailed and life like, prices are going to be more. Prices stated are for either 1 adult or up to 2 children, more we'll have to discuss the details.

(Portraits do not come any smaller than 11x14)

Turn around time is generally 10-14 days (depending on my current work load).

• Graphite - starts at $275.00
• Watercolor (12x16) - starts at $300.00
(+ 50.00 per extra person)

• Graphite - starts at $325.00
• Watercolor - starts at $425.00
(+ $100.00 per extra person)


Before I do any work with the exception of Sketch Cards, which I'll need full payment upfront. I require 65% of the payment up front (not including shipping charges) then the remainder plus shipping charges are due before I send out the finished piece. Depending on my work load and whether or not a show is close, you will receive roughs for character sketches or portraits a few days after the first payment is received.

All sales on Custom Artwork are Final, no refunds, no returns.

I'm only accepting Paypal payments at this time.

starting anew.

I've had this account since May of 2004, I had to have it for my artbyus.com account. I decided to go ahead and give it another whirl, I've gone back and deleted all of my old posts to wipe the slate clean, and get a fresh start.

If you want to comment, feel free.