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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Saturday... Ebay & Echo Reception #2

Echo: Don't forget tonight (November 5th, 2005) @ 8pm is Echo's 2nd Opening Reception. It's only ONE dollar to get in, and that goes to a very good cause. Unfortunately I will not be there, I have family stuff to attend to tonight. =( I'm guessing it's another costume event, since *Creative Attire is Encouraged*.

Ebay: I decided to switch my listing days, and length of time for my auctions - from 3days to 5 days, still ending on Thursday, so that items can be still shipped on Saturday afternoon. to view the listings, click [ here ]

On my print auctions: I am now offering free shipping to the US if you purchase two or more prints from my auctions.

Monday or Tuesday I should have pretties done for listing.

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