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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Ripped Again!

I'm so sick of finding my artwork stolen and altered... This person went thru great lengths to remove my watermark.


I've had it, I'm not going to be nice with my watermark anymore... screw it.

So... this girl that was on IMVU, that had my artwork as tubes, and made them into webstickers told me that my artwork is still being circulated in those tubers groups. (which she removed them right away and apologized...unlike that stupid opinionated webmaster, who should have kept his two cents to himself.)

Why can't people just keep their HANDS OFF? There are plenty of other artists on the web that allow their work to be defaced, Why do it to an artist that doesn't allow it? It's just going to piss the artist off. I know people are going to do what they want, but why do they have to be so damned hard headed and stupid about it? When somone says not to, it means NO, not maybe or yeah go ahead and do it because you're going to anyway. IT MEANS NO!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Motor City Comic Con 2006

Overall it was a decent show, the one thing I didn't like was the curtains separating the rows, I think that cut down on traffic... however I am really glad that the 'Adult Entertainment' was no where near artists alley (it would have been a fiasco like last year). I'm also really glad that they paid attention to who wanted to be seated next to who this time.

We got kind of a late start, we wanted to leave the house around 430-5am, but didn't get out till about 730-8. I had only about 40 mins of rest, and I crashed out in the car while my husband drove, I didn't wake till we were in MI. It was all a whirlwind from the time we got the table assignment till the table was set up. was such a sweetie I'm so glad to have met him, and had the chance to hang out a little bit.

My regulars came by, it was great seeing them. Talked to a few fresh out of college kids looking for advice. Saw tons of great costumes. I really wanted to get pictures of Adam West and Burt Ward, but they were not allowing any photographs unless you paid. Art had done a painting of Batman, Robin, Batgirl and Catwoman and wanted to get them signed... for Adam West it was 40.00, Burt Ward was 30.00 and so on. So, at dinner on Friday Art was telling us that the guy that got autographs right after him, asked Adam West to do the Bat Dance, (which he had to pay $40.00 for), and he did it! I would have loved to have seen that!

Saturday we all went to Mongolian BBQ (minus Art, he was abducted before we got to his table to snag him). it was lots and lots of fun. It was great seeing everyone again, and talking to the Convention Attendees.

Motor City - Novi 2006

1.Motor City - Novi 2006 2.Motor City - Novi 2006 3.Motor City - Novi 2006 4.Motor City - Novi 2006

Motor City - Novi 2006 Motor City - Novi 2006 Motor City - Novi 2006 Motor City - Novi 2006

Motor City - Novi 2006 Motor City - Novi 2006 Motor City - Novi 2006 Motor City - Novi 2006

Motor City - Novi 2006 Motor City - Novi 2006 Motor City - Novi 2006 Motor City - Novi 2006

Motor City - Novi 2006 Motor City - Novi 2006 Motor City - Novi 2006 Motor City - Novi 2006

Motor City - Novi 2006 Motor City - 2006

So, This week... I have to get my but in gear to finish my website, then next week, it's work on my cafepress store, and start working on Faerie Art to sell on ebay again. I have at least two more large paintings in mind from sketches I did over the week. (which will be a secret till they're done) I have tons of ideas, and need to get working! I'm hoping to have at least one of them finished in time for ICBC - June 10 in Iowa. One thing's definate, Shows are so motivational and inspiring! =)

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Tomorrow... Motor City...


I'm SO glad to be done with her wings...

it's also here if you want to see it bigger: http://www.deviantart.com/view/33483294/

It will be on display at my table in Artists Alley at the Motor City Comic Con which by the way starts tomorrow afternoon @ 130p till 8, then also Saturday & Sunday.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Monday, May 08, 2006

More... World of Warcraft Fan Art

I decided to get this out and work on it more...
previous versions... [ 1 ] [ 2 ]

I worked on it last night (after The Soprano's) and most of the morning... atm:: I'm getting ready to redraw it, then I'll scan it again and transfer it to watercolor board... =D

Sunday, May 07, 2006

World of Warcraft Fan Art

For anyone that doesn't know... I'm horribly addicted to the game World of Warcraft... I confess I have a lvl 48 hunter and when I'm not drawing/painting, working on my website, you can bet I'm playing...

So with that... I present... a doodleydoo of my hunter, Isilya

I plan on doing a more complete piece to submit to the fanart forums at WoW... I know a few friends that have been discovered by doing fan art of their fandoms, I only hope maybe I can find the same sucess.

Thursday, May 04, 2006


Prints Available Here... (still have one left to upload)

in all I took about 20 or so shots of this one Dandelion Puff, but I think these three were the best.