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Monday, July 24, 2006

Celestial Fire Dragon

I swore that this year for Wizard World it'd be done and I'd have a shirt to wear (like I promised myself last year and the year before apparently) it's... Done!!! =) You can see the final pencils (before I began painting it: HERE... DAMN, I JUST realized that this painting has taken me almost exactly 2 years to complete. Hows that for dragging ones feet ona project?

I know the name is kinda lame, but I really couldn't think of anything catchy or significant... I was thinking Qin, as in the first chinese dynasty, and how they believed that the emperors were directly related to dragons, but that seemed like a lame name too. Renamed to Celestial Fire after looking at my original DA entry I completely forgot what I had kinda called it, and with the colors I went with it, I think it's fitting.

11x17 : $18.00
8.5x11: $15.00
22x28 : $29.99


now off to work on my entry for the Blizzard Fan Art Contest
I'm thinking of reworking this one to submit.

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