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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Wizard World Info, Chicagoland Z & Art Post Request

I just found out my artist alley table number is 3129, you can take a gander at the map here. Last year and all of the previous years we've been able to specify who we wanted to be seated next to, not this year, I think this new person that's in charge is going to make a fisaco of it. Though, if table prices go as high as speculted for next year, this will be my last Wizard World, that is till AA prices come back down to a reasonable rate.

Hopefully in the next few weeks I'll have 2 more paintings finished (of a darker nature, since my two most recent were of elves and faeries).

On a more interesting note... remember that chicagoland Z show I did this past spring? I got a thing in the mail and they've expanded it back to a 3 day show at the Dupage Expo Center. =) so I now have a 3 day local show for November.

Over the weekend I had a request to post some of my older bloody vampire art... so here they are, these were all done from about 1992-1999:

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