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Friday, October 30, 2009

more changes...

Back when I was trying to come up with something to replace faye-illustration with I checked 'conniefaye.com' but it was taken... I'm not too happy with thedreamling.com... I'm just tired of labeling my site/work as something. The other day out of curiosity, I checked register.com and conniefaye.com was available... so I snagged it and I've been working at trying to get everything changed over. *sigh* I think subconsiously that's what's been keeping me from actually finishing my site... that name just wasn't sitting well with me.

So anyway... Anyone Linking to me thru thedreamling.com, faye-illustration.com or any of my other previous sites, please change it to 'conniefaye.com'. I'll have thedreamling.com till June, and faye-illustration till mid November, as it is right now, everything just automatically forwards to the new address.

I know I'm just making everyone's head spin with my indecisiveness. @_@

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bird Skulls

had a dream the other night and it involved bird skulls... and since then I've been a little obsessed about them. Not that I'd really want to own a real bird skull... just the imagery is what's stuck on my brain.

Before Feathers

After Feathers

[ + ]

[ + ]
it's sitting on a penny so you can compare it's actual size.

At first my idea was to make a pendant, but now that I look at how it turned out, if I can make another one similar, I can see them being earrings. (That's if the kittens don't find it and destroy it before I can get another one made). >.<

btw, it's made out of translucent scupley, and the feathers were hand trimmed & curled, I used Diamond Glaze as the adhesive for the feathers.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Arting Update

The more I work on it the more I'm seeing that it'll work out.

[ click to view larger ]

[ click to view larger ]

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sarah Connor Art for Breast Cancer Auction

The auctions for the MarlaBea Benefit have been listed.

[click the image to go to the auction]

Saturday, October 03, 2009

they are off...

to Con on the Cob.

There were going to be 4, but the brightness of my lcd monitor screws with how my paintings look in photoshop (vs how they really look in real life). Which means I didn't catch something on the file before sending it to the printer and what they printed I didn't see on my monitor till I turned the contrast up. @_@ But that's ok... I'm kinda taking it as an omen that I should stick to doing my darker work. *wink*

Also I was totally shocked at how inexpensive it was to ship this box off... I was expecting close to 100.00 (one way), but it wasn't even 30.00 to ship round trip.