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Friday, October 30, 2009

more changes...

Back when I was trying to come up with something to replace faye-illustration with I checked 'conniefaye.com' but it was taken... I'm not too happy with thedreamling.com... I'm just tired of labeling my site/work as something. The other day out of curiosity, I checked register.com and conniefaye.com was available... so I snagged it and I've been working at trying to get everything changed over. *sigh* I think subconsiously that's what's been keeping me from actually finishing my site... that name just wasn't sitting well with me.

So anyway... Anyone Linking to me thru thedreamling.com, faye-illustration.com or any of my other previous sites, please change it to 'conniefaye.com'. I'll have thedreamling.com till June, and faye-illustration till mid November, as it is right now, everything just automatically forwards to the new address.

I know I'm just making everyone's head spin with my indecisiveness. @_@

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