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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Head Dress...

So I think it's starting to emerge.

the last few days I've kinda felt creatively blocked. it's been frustrating, but I'm glad it's passing.

Also the financial stress will start to ease up a bit, the husband's interview went well and starts his new job next week. I'll be able to finally get to that new work I've been wanting to do for the shows this year. My original goal was to have all new paintings by GenCon.

Lots of work to do. <3


  1. I am glad your creative block is passing. That is a gorgeous sketch. I LOVE your art :)

  2. Nice job Connie...Tell hubby congrats on the job as well. I'll talk to you soon.


  3. ^_^ Thank you!
    I'm really excited about this new drawing, it's coming along nicely.