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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mermaid W.I.P.

I finally started painting after (3+) years of it sitting in the 'drawn' stage.

Her face so far:

I'm still trying to figure out the color of her hair (I'm leaning towards a very dark paynes gray), her top (Kinda thinking a rust color), and the color of the baby octo. (maybe a light purple?). I hate to rush these kinds of things because I know later on I'll regret it.

An artist friend of mine posted this as his status (on FB) "Half the time it takes to create a painting is spent sitting and working on it, the other half is spent standing and staring at it."

Ain't it the truth, you finally get it drawn, you stare at it for a week or so trying to visualize colors, then as your working on it you stop to stare at it making sure you're going in the right direction; once it's done you stare at it more trying to make sure it's really done.

I was hoping to have it done by the craft show this weekend, I dunno we'll see what happens tomorrow. *crosses fingers*

1 comment:

  1. Pretty. Looks like its coming along nicely. The colors you're thinking about sound like good choices.

    Also, that octopus is adorably squishy looking.