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Sunday, August 16, 2015

The All Night Flea Market - Aug 15th. [Recap]

I remember finding out about this show last year, but I was apprehensive about doing a show that ended at 3am, I thought I'd have a hard time staying awake. It wasn't so bad. I was in the first row called 'Star Alley'. Our little area was pretty packed the entire night. Sales were pretty slow till about midnight, I think that's when my people started filtering in. A few originals got new homes. I even saw the manager from my old day job, I know he was pretty surprised to see me.

I drew a quicky portrait of Lisa Loring as Wednesday, about a minute after I finished the sketch, the traffic in our row kinda died down so I ran over to give it to her. I didn't even think to take a photo of it, I just wanted to get over there before we had another flood of people. She was wonderful, and wanted to give me a signed picture. Growing up (and even now) The Addams Family is one of my favorite TV shows.

Since our row was a wall of people most of the night I really wasn't able to get too many pictures (as you can see below). The pictures I did take were early on, not long after set up. There was a local tv/cable/podcast host shuffling about in costume as Ozzy Osbourne. He did it well! =)

to everyone that made this show worth while,
without your support I wouldn't be able to keep doing these shows.

Next Show: September 11-13 2015 CECE - 1st Annual Fall Festival Carol Stream IL.

Hope to see you there!

Thursday, August 06, 2015

La Bella Morta

I was up till 530a painting, got back up at 830a to resume, and finished around noon. I will be at Flashback Weekend starting tomorrow, I will have print with me!

A photo posted by Connie (@connie_faye) on

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Star Trek Voyager: Heroes and Villains Sketch Cards...

Today was their big release day. One of mine has already shown up on feebay. I've updated my sketch card gallery, you can see how they looked before they were cut to size.

If all goes as planned *crosses fingers* these two should on their way back to me.

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Work in Progress

Quick peek at my desk tonight... Working hard to finish the painting on or before Thursday. I may pull an all nighter tomorrow to try and get it done. Still need to come up with a title for it.

And I'm seriously loving my new ceramic palettes!
Links: Large 22 wells w/ mixing tray and Darice 7-Well Porcelain Palette.