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Monday, September 19, 2016

Store has MOVED!

It's official, my store has moved back to ETSY!  So to celebrate I have a little coupon to help kick things off.


I really should have been trying to get this illustration completed instead of moving my art from one store to another.  I just didn't want to give those rotten bastards at storenvy any more of my or my patron's money.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

My Online Store may be moving back to Etsy...

So, If there's anything you want out of my store, you should go and get it now. I hate to move my store again, but, I can't deal with a company being flat out dishonest about what they've done.

 For the past year I've been paying for an extra for my store to get greater control over my coupon codes. I log into my store yesterday to make a coupon code so that new followers to my fan page can get a little off their first purchase. I noticed that the extra was reverted back to the 'free' state. I go to my 'extras' page and see that it has been turned off. I turned it back on and they want more for it, I contact support and I was told that I turned it off (on the 13th), and that I have to pay the higher price. But, I didn't turn it off. Same thing happened last month, when it was turned on they gave me the regular price I had been paying.

Meanwhile I need to figure out what else there is out there. I may just bite the bullet and go back to Etsy. I know it'll cost way more than what I'm currently paying, but they have a better marketplace and don't require me to use their payment source in order to participate in it


30% off of Art use code: LASTFLINGOA
20% off of Prints use code: LASTFLINGPRINTS

I will not be relisting any prints on Etsy, But when I get new prints made you can find them on my Facebook Page or my personal wall if you're either following that or are already on my friends list. All of my online print sales will be at my Society6 shop or RedBubble.

Monday, September 05, 2016

Art Adoption Event Ends Sept 17th 2016

I meant to do this last week, but I got caught up in getting those Pre-Ordered Sketchbooks, Sketches & other goodies out in the mail.  Now that's done it's time for an end of summer ART ADOPTION EVENT!!!!

I just listed a bunch of really large paintings that I used to have framed and would be displayed behind me at the shows.  I think it's about times these paintings found loving homes. And for that, I'm offering a 30% discount on all of my original art.

Original Art Sales


All Original Artwork and Artist Return Sketch Cards are included in this Adoption Event!

Use Code: LASTFLINGOA to get your 30% Discount! 


 Lets not forget about Open Edition Prints!

Use Code: LASTFLINGPRINTS to get your 20% Discount on 11x17 Prints!

Sunday, September 04, 2016

Dear Wells Fargo,

Why are you perpetuating the idea that 'The Arts" are a waste of time when you HIRED photographers, graphic designers, and actors to make your brochure?  What in the hell were you thinking? It's not your place to tell anyone that their path is a waste of time. Shame on you.