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Saturday, May 06, 2017


A few weeks ago Etsy rolled out an update forcing all of their shop owners to turn on the etsy payment option or they'll lose their shops. Well I had my first sale with it and, they will not release funds till you reach a threshold amount of 25.00 for daily deposits. THIS IS RIDICULOUSLY WRONG. This is exactly the reason I quit using Zazzle, they have a threshold of $50.00 before they'll pay. My etsy shop earning went into the toilet after their beta tests back in 2014, and I only recently came back because Storenvy required users to participate in their 'stripe' payments, and requiring us to use stripe to participate in their market. This might work for people who are just resellers and have high product turnover. But for actual artists, this is a horrible business model.

So... I've taken down my listings at etsy. I need to do some research on where I can have a shop temporarily till October when my domain is up for renewal (then I'll be transfer it to wix since the yearly fees include domain payment).

If anyone still wants one of those Rebel pins, email me. I have a few left.

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